The Air Mile Bootcamp Bundle includes four courses:
+ Travelling Sustainably (Free Pre-Requisite)
+ Air Mile Hacking 101 - Earning Miles
+ Air Mile Hacking 102 - Redeeming Miles
+ Advanced Air Mile Hacking


By the time you finish all of the courses in the bundle, you will:

+ Master a simple, three-step process to earn thousands of air miles every month
+ Know how to cycle air mile cards to earn the signup bonuses over & over again (while helping your credit instead of hurting it)
+ Understand all the possible pitfalls of air mile cards and sidestep them completely
+ Know how to make your miles go as far as possible
+ Have an outline and see a demonstration of my six-step air mile redemption process 
+ Know how to book flights for as little as half the miles by leveraging partnerships
+ Learn 7 expert techniques for finding award space
+ Know how to dodge fuel charges
+ Understand widespread ethical and sustainability mistakes that even conscientious travellers accidentally make and know how to avoid them 

+ Have the tools and the knowledge you need to score 3+ one-way international business flights every year while only paying taxes and fees (which start at $5.60/ticket).

All for the price of ONE medium-haul flight in economy class.


Before purchasing this bundle you should:

  • Be aware that most air mile hacking techniques require a good credit history (I don’t teach credit-building, but this is a very good article with a specific step-by-step strategy for working up to premium cards like the Amex Platinum or Chase Sapphire Reserve card from scratch)
  • Be willing to spend about an hour every week keeping track of your budget and your spending
  • Be aware that the techniques described in the air mile hacking courses are geared towards those with access to apply for American credit cards (you generally have to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to do so). I have heard from other travel experts like Nomadic Matt that residents of other countries can adapt these techniques to their own credit card markets, but I do not have any experience with this.

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What if this doesn't work for me?

If you follow all of the steps in the courses and you DON'T earn enough miles for 3+ one-way international business class flights in your first year, I'll give you a full refund. Just reach out to [email protected] to ask for your money back.

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