Fund your adventures

This course teaches you how to save up for your travels quickly and efficiently. You'll also learn where the most avid travellers find all that extra money, from renting out their houses while they travel to writing off all of their travel expenses on their taxes.


By the end of this course, you will:

+ Have the budgeting tools to map out where you're spending your money
+ Classify all of your recurring expenses as critical, high priority, medium priority, or dispensable
+ Identify your top three core values so you know which expenses are truly worth it vs. which ones can go when it's time to cut your spending
+ Know how to get the best exchange rates
+ Understand how to protect your accounts while travelling
+ Know if you can write off your travel expenses on your taxes and how to do it correctly if so (as well as where to go if you want someone else to do it for you)
+ Understand how to fund your trips by renting out your house while you travel
+ Know how people use real estate investments to generate income while they travel and have the resources to dive in if it's something you want to pursue
+ Have an arsenal of smart money tricks for travellers in your toolbox


Before you start this course you should:

  • Take the Travelling Sustainably course 
  • Be ready to step outside of your comfort zone a bit if you really want to change your travel budget for the better

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